Oil on Board, 30 x 25cm, 2015

Born in Chelmsford in 1984, Greg Harris spent his childhood growing up in Essex, Suffolk and West Sussex before going to Leicester to complete a BA in Fine Art degree at De Montfort University in 2009.  After taking a break from art and travelling to the Far East, Greg threw himself back into painting by joining a Leicester-based artist studio in 2012:  since then, he’s never looked back.  Greg has recently moved his studio to Bristol.

In his paintings, Greg wants you to reconnect with the familiar by bringing together both a literal and non-literal interpretation of the people and environment around you.  Greg achieves this through carefully considered colour combinations and a painterly style that doesn’t condemn what’s being depicted.  Rather, through their execution and minimised mark-making, the paintings are brought to life with a clean and freshly finished feel.

Greg Harris concentrates on his creative practice as well as private commissions from individuals and organisations alike.  He also teaches workshops and welcomes invitations to exhibit and talk about his work.


Telephone: 07794 528 998

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